The Pheasant Plucker’s Mates are a group of young Canadian artists that create exciting, physical theatre based on aspects of Commedia dell’arte and clown. They bring a fresh perspective to old theatrical forms using multidisciplinary techniques, such as live music, biting satire, vibrant costumes, and a seriously playful attitude.

Reviews for Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Four V’s from The Varsity
“Vastly entertaining and well-performed, the frenetic ensemble deconstruct the familiar tales with cheeky self-consciousness, never crossing into glibness.”

From Plank magazine:
“A brisk pace, perfect comedic timing, iconic and energetic performances from a vibrant cast (Marcel Dragonieri deserves special kudos for his John Hodgeman-like turn as the gung-ho narrator), and efficient staging all combine to make for a real treat of a show.”
—Justin Haigh

Three stars from EYE Weekly magazine
“Performed with a likeable sense of gusto and irreverence”

From James Finn Garner, author of “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories”, on Jessica Beaulieu’s stage adaptation:
“It’s hilarious! I’m sorry I didn’t write it (well, more of it)... a masterful job, and lots of fun”

Four and a half stars from A n’ E Vibe:
“Beaulieu, along with her incredibly talented cast makes a show that packs in the laughs and never lets go of the immensely inflated energy…it hits the ground running, doesn’t stop and crosses the finish line as one of the best shows of the [Fringe] festival!”
—Gabor Pertic

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